Sharper Image Arcobatics Programs
                             Sharper Image Tumbling Classes

Tumbling Program

Our tumbling classes are progression based.  All students are divided into age and skill
appropriate groups.  All levels of tumblers are accepted into these classes.  Intermediate
and advanced level students seeking advanced placement must be evaluated/invited to

These classes have an emphasis on teaching proper stretching techniques, shoulder
flexibility, strength training exercises and core tumbling skills: back hand springs, bridges,
cartwheels, flips, front limbers, handstands, rolls, round-offs and walk-overs.

*All students participating in Sharper Image’s tumbling program will be required to pay a
registration fee separate from the dance program.  If students wish to take acrobatics and
dance they will be expected to pay both registration fees.  Discounts will be applied to
students taking acrobatic classes and dance classes along with students taking carte blanch
classes.  Please see Ms. Alyssa and ask if those discounts apply to you.

Tot Tumbling (4-5 yrs.)

In this class we are teaching fundamentals that help prepare children for the future and it is
for the children 4-5 years of age.  Emphasis will be on acrobatic movements, coordination,
strength and fun.  Many proper acrobatic progression activities take place that are
developmentally appropriate to meet the needs of the child.  This class is without parent.

Girl/Boy Tumbling Descriptions

Our recreational program for children 5 1/2 years old and older is specifically designed and
tailored to each child.  Our programs are designed to benefit each child’s particular skill
level both physically and mentally.  Safety is our number one priority here and that is why
Sharper Image Dance places such emphasis on proper progression of skills.

We want gymnasts to feel the empowerment of athletics and by having distinct class levels
children learn at their own pace.

The classes are structured around teaching the necessary progressions from somersaults
to back hand springs.

Every student is challenged to his or her utmost ability.  Students are grouped with their
friends and by age and ability.

Benefits include:
•        Increased flexibility
•        Strength
•        Self esteem
•        Self confidence
•        Agility, coordination
•        Goal orientation
•        Discipline
•        Organization

Class Levels Offered

Level 1 (5 ½ - 9) and Level 2 (10 +)

This class is specifically tailored for the beginning gymnast.  Gymnasts will be introduced to
the basic core skills of acrobatics.  Proper stretching techniques and strength training will
be emphasized to provide a foundation for continued progression.  Beginner level classes
will concentrate on learning and strengthening basic tumbling skills such as rolls,
cartwheels, handstands, round-offs and bridges.

Level 1 (5 ½ - 9) and Leval 2 (10 +)

The Silver classes will further build on core skills taught in Bronze.  This class is designed
for gymnasts who have desire to be in a warm but challenging environment.  Students will
have the opportunity to perfect their beginner level skills while progressing to intermediate
and advanced acrobatic skills that will require increased strength and flexibility.  The
intermediate classes are focused on building upon the fundamentals of the beginner level
classes to learn more difficult tricks such as walkovers and front/back handsprings.

Level 3 (5 ½ - 9) and Level 3 (10 +)

The Gold class is the most advanced recreational acrobatics class offered at Sharper Image.  
Gymnasts will have the opportunity to challenge their ability in a program where the sky is
the limit! Gymnasts will follow proper progressions to achieve advanced level skills at their
own pace.  Proper skill execution is strongly emphasized.  Students are challenged to their
utmost ability.  Once in the advanced level, the students will learn to connect their tumbling
skills as well as continue to learn more advanced skills such as front and back tucks, layouts
and twisting layouts.  Students must master a back handspring before being promoted to the
Gold level.
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