Sharper Image Performance Dance
Competitive Team
6621 W. Gulf To Lake Hwy, Crystal River, Florida 34429, (352-563-5550)
Competitive Team Mission

Competitions and performances are often considered stepping stones for dancers
working toward educational and career goals. Students who possess drive, discipline
and determination to be the best that they can be rely on competitions to improve
their skills both technically and artistically.  Exposure to competition can help open
doors to scholarships and employment opportunities for talented competitors.  At
Sharper Image Performance Dance Studio our main goal in competition is to
empower all of our students with authentic dance and theater training, confidence,
creativity, self esteem and an appreciation for the performing arts.

Selection As A Member Is Based On:
•  Evidence of natural potential
  •  Hard work and concentration in class
                     •  A good attitude toward teacher and classmates
•  A high level of family support
•  Good attendance

Placement In Specific Routines Are Determined By:
•  Each student's level in a given subject
•  Stage presence
•  Commitment

Secrets To Success:
            •  Good training-technique
•  Team Work
•  Family Support
                   •  Persistence and Dedication  

It is an honor and privilege to be a part of Sharper Image Performance Dance
Studio's Competitive Team.  Every member is expected to give the best of
themselves and to show support  and respect for each other.